Our Story

Our Team has over two-hundred years of combined experience in Banking, Cannabis Businesses, Compliance, Diversion, Financial Services, Government Affairs, Law-enforcement, Patient Rights & Privacy, Software and Technology

Public Safety, cash and drugs are a lethal combination; by removing cash from dispensaries you’ve effectively reduced the threat risk in your community for violent crimes against patients, residents, out-of-town visitors (tourists) and local law enforcement

CannaTrac Technology, Inc. over the past three years have worked and developed trusted relationships that set the stage to be First in a private/public partnership providing solutions that benefit your community.  We've combined software, technology and the necessary resources to provide financial transparency for the cannabis industry that have support from; state and national chartered banks, local and state licensed cannabis businesses, local and state law enforcement, local, state and national political leaders and more importantly your community's residents

We believe in paying it forward, directly to your community and at NO COST to you! 

Contact Us today and we will provide detailed information on how your community will benefit..