CannaCard™ Jamaica Payment and Loyalty & Rewards program runs seamlessly on CannaTrac's proprietary Internet and mobile-based network.  A key factor to our success is that we provide our clients with solutions tailored specifically to meet their requirements, through secure and compliant technologies recognized worldwide.  

Here are just a few of the benefits of the CannaCard™ Puerto Rico

          CannaCard™ Jamaica is a Memorabilia, Payment and Loyalty & Rewards Card

         CannaCard™ Jamaica is Fast, Secure and Cashless 

          CannaCard™ Jamaica adheres to the rules and regulations of the Nation of Jamaica

 CannaCard™ Jamaica runs on proprietary software "Velocity" that prevents diversion

 CannaCard™ Jamaica is customizable for your retail BRAND

 CannaCard™ Jamaica increases safety by eliminating the need to carry cash

 CannaCard™ Jamaica reduces the threat risk associated with cash only businesses

 CannaCard™ Jamaica has auto re-load function for your convenience

 CannaCard™ Jamaica App has convenient Ordering, Payment and Loyalty & Rewards built in

To learn more about the CannaCard™ Jamaica Loyalty and Rewards program please visit CannaCard Rewards or register below for our mailing list  .