Dispensary Solutions and Benefits


CannaTrac Technology understands the desperate need for banking privileges to the state sanctioned legalized medical and recreational cannabis industry.  Financial Institutions wish to service legally authorized cannabis retail merchant accounts however, accepting cash deposits puts those institutions at significant risk as the cash is neither traceable nor trackable.  Complete transparency is critical to establish long-term banking relations.  

Consumer confidentiality, ease of execution and overall consumer experience is our top priority.   We created innovative, user-friendly applications to facilitate Financial Institutions and the Cannabis Industry working together. There are significant benefits to ALL Industry participants built within the CannaTrac system and the CannaCard™

Some of the features and benefits of the CannaTrac System include:

  • Pay tax revenue and fees immediately – Government entities receive the sales, excise tax and fees on a daily basis, no more suitcases and life threatening trips to the tax office with cash
  • Provide the Industry with the necessary transparency to meet Financial Institution requirements
  • CannaTrac system seamlessly integrates with ANY POS or Seed-to-Sale system
  • Customers will have more purchasing power with the CannaCard
  • Increase retail sales by as much as twenty-percent (20%).  Studies show that consumers spend upwards of 20% more when paying with a prepaid loyalty rewards card (CannaCard) vs. cash
  • Generous Loyalty and Rewards program paid directly to the dispensary 
  • Mobile App with our proprietary technology 
  • Customizable CannaCard with your business LOGO/information to spread Brand awareness
  • Cash can be conveniently loaded to card at participating retailers, ACH from bank accounts and employer direct deposit
  • Behavioral analysis and geo-location service to capture and retain market share  
  • Speed up staff transactions with complete accuracy,  eliminating cash within the business stops all diversion potential by staff as well as transaction errors.
  • Bookkeeping just became much easier.  No more long hours with money counting machines
  • Reduces the threat of robbery and violent crime thus making a safer environment for employees, management, customers and the community.

For more information please call 844-CANNATRAC or email us at info@cannatrac.com



 Focus on your Customers 

Focus on your Customers