Terrence Patton            

A former member of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade and has successfully traded options on equities, financial indices, commodities and M&A for over 25 years.  

Since 2010 he has gained an understanding of the Cannabis Industry,  attended the ICRS International Cannabinoid Research Society Symposium with over 250 researchers, scientists and doctors from all over the world.  Terry gained valuable insight into Colorado's Medical Cannabis industry during his statewide travels with Irvin Rosenfeld, one of only two remaining patients to continue receiving cannabis from the federal government.


Raul Rodriguez               

Raul  received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the University of Wyoming and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver, College of Law in 1971. He immediately began working at a large commercial law firm, Holland & Hart, and was appointed to Colorado Gov. Dick Lamb’s cabinet in 1975 as Executive Director for the Colorado State Department of Regulatory Agencies.  

During his service on the Governor’s cabinet, Mr. Rodriguez was appointed to President Gerald Ford’s Administrative Conference of the United States in April 1976. That appointment led to a later post as Inspector General for the Office of Compliance of the Action Agency under President Jimmy Carter. Mr. Rodriguez’s oversight included domestic volunteers, VISTA, and foreign volunteers of the Peace Corps.

He returned in February 1981 to the private sector as General Counsel for one of the     Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions’ largest over-the-counter brokerage firms, American Western Securities, Inc. He opened the private practice of Rodriguez & Associates in January 1984 to represent a wide range of legal matters with emphases on corporate and capital formation, administrative securities litigation, regulatory agency document filings, public offerings, mergers & acquisitions, various corporate transactions, and political strategic planning.


James Zaring  

James comes with a wealth of experience with over 35 years of banking experience and has held positions at multiple executive levels including serving as Bank President and Chief Executive Officer for 10 years. He acted as the Senior Lending Officer and Chief Credit Officer for 17 years. While maintaining these positions, James also acted as the Chairman on multiple committees; including, but not limited to the Bank Credit Committee, the Investment Committee, and the Asset and Liability Committee (ALCO).

Throughout his career James has had quite a few notable achievements. He successfully filed and opened multiple bank branch locations. He also filed an application for a de novo bank, which he had approved and opened within five months of filing the initial application.  He has received regulatory approval to work on several troubled financial institutions and using his ability to author and implement various policies and procedures, he was able to have regulatory sanctions removed from these institutions within twelve to thirteen months. James has acted as an expert witness who has testified for the FDIC pursuant to enforcement actions and has also worked as a consultant for private trust disputes. 


James Gingery          

Mr. James Gingery has a distinguished Executive Career in Top Ranked Consumer Products Companies; (J&J, Walt Disney, Reckitt & Coleman) and has operated an International Marketing and Sales Consulting & Training Company (Currently Town Center Services LLC).  With 20+ years of helping start-ups, his expertise is in providing companies with maturity and expertise including building new organizations, developing customized comprehensive training programs, setting goals and objectives, business plan development, creating and driving complex Marketing & Sales initiatives, bringing consensus and direction to newly formed or merged businesses and integrating new and varied business cultures and complex . This has included building a successful Real Estate business in California and Montana. In 2008, his interests grew to include Medicinal Cannabis as a viable medical use and comprehensive business opportunity. 

As an entrepreneur, business leader and consensus builder, his specific strengths for both Profit and Non-Profit are in creating new business opportunities, acquisition integration, evaluation and redeployment of existing and new resources, goal setting and team building, designing and building new brands, marketing, sales and operational teams capitalizing on his ability to integrate the psychology of communication and interaction with sound business practices and ethics.  His primary focus in recent years has been is in Real Estate, Non-Profit operations and regulatory issues related to Cannabis. His background also includes working with Board of Directors and as a member of the Board including VC presentations.




Dieneka Manzanares            

Dieneka and her husband opened Sweet Leaf Pioneer Medical Marijuana dispensary in 2010 after getting approval from the Town of Eagle, CO.  Not long after issuing their business license, the Town decided to ban medical marijuana in 2011.  This decision by the Town drove them to circulate a petition to have the citizens of Eagle decide the matter.  Dieneka successfully collected signatures and won the vote in january 2012.  After recreational was passed in 2013 the Town of Eagle brought back to the voters a second vote on recreational marijuana and Dieneka won that vote too.      

Her career prior to opening of Sweet Leaf Pioneer was a combination of banking and bookkeeping.  Dieneka owned her own bookkeeping business for over 11 years and was a personal  banker as well as bank supervisor.  She has clear knowledge of the financial regulations the banking industry adheres to.                                                    

Dieneka's vision of this industry is to see banking, the Federal government and the various state entities all working together to make this a transparent industry.   This will provide a safe environment for employees as well as create regulatory monitoring of the industry sustainable.  Without sustainability within our monetary business interactions, we as an industry will collapse.                                                                                  

Dieneka being a dispensary owner can speak well for the Cannabis industry and the struggles they go through every day!